does anyone else out there feel hopeless pretty much 365 days of the year ? I have Bipolar 1 with severe depression, they have tried ect and fried my brain, meds aren't working, I'm in therapy constantly but I'm also mixed episodes with rapid cycling so I barely have any 'normal' periods. I just cry all the time, I've gotten to wear I barely leave the house and I'm not lucky enough to have the happy manic highs, I have rages, last week , well just leave it as I'm better off at home.
It’s been a while

How are you fellow bipolars?



This is my dad. He’s been my best friend ever since I was born. He’s the most important person in the world to me, and has recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Right now it’s only in his kidney. If he waits a while to get the procedure done to get it removed, it will spread throughout his body. My dad is so afraid that he’s in denial. He didn’t even tell my brother and I, my mom had to be the one to tell us. He lives 1500 miles away from me and I see him 4 times a year (if I’m lucky). It’s been three months since he found out, but the doctors said he’s had it for a year. I don’t know what I would ever do if I lost my best friend because he made the decision to not get the procedure done.

If this gets at least 50k notes, I will decide to show this post to my dad. Yes, I know this isn’t going to cure his cancer, but I’m doing everything I can to motivate him to get the surgery. I’m only 17 and I want my dad to walk me down the aisle when I’m older. Please show him that he’s not alone and that you care. This might save his life. Please. 

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A really nice bipolar website

Check it out! It’s inspirational and gives you hope.

Last Minute Holiday Tips for Bipolar Folks
I was diagnosed when I was 14. I'm almost 21 now. In the last almost 7 years I've been on almost 20 different medications. I am now stable with lamictal, wellbutrin, and klonopin. It is possible, don't give up hope, keep fighting cause you will find the right meds. Good luck to all of you out there! I'm here if anyone needs to talk or has questions.


I have super rapid cycling bipolar. Some days I have 20+ mood swings in a day. Do you think this could cause any sort of brain damage?
I'll have to explain this as it is and hope you can come to an understanding of me. I am sure I'm Bipolar, and the few people I have spoken to about it have told me to get help. I'm 16, I'm in love with the stage and performance, my Art is everything to me. It's all I have and I need it to be my future - like Gaga (as a figure to help you understand more, maybe?), but going to see a psych would change all of that and could cause a threat to my entire life - my Art. What do I do?

I’m big on art and performing also, and trust me when I say it won’t affect it! Pills also won’t affect your creativity.

I don't want to be Bipolar :,( It ruins my life. I don't even have a life because it's like Bipolar is my existance. I know everyone says that but I'm sick of people shoving all the positivity in my face because it's not positive at all.

I’m so sorry :( I’ve definitely felt like that before.. Are you taking pills? If not, you really need to. Please see a doctor <3 And if you are, maybe you should tell your doctor so he can switch your pills? Because it doesn’t seem like they’re working.

Urm, my mood will change in a matter of seconds. Like the other day I was really happy and jumpy (First time like this in ages) then suddenly I felt really annoyed and I just wanted to ignore everyone and hurt everyone around me and myself. I couldn't go anywhere because I was out with friends. Then I kept feeling really paranoid as if people were all talking about me and looking at me. Do you know what could have caused this or anything, it's happened for years?

Well that’s happened to me sooo many times! The paranoia, the irritation, the rapid mood changes, etc. They just tell me it’s part of the bipolar.

so I was diagnosed when I was 16 (I'm 19 now) and ever since then I've been on pills after pills after pills...I have gone through like 6 different medications in like 3 years and every single one of them gave me a horrible side effect. I'm on lamictal right now and I'm supposed to be taking it everyday once in the morning and twice at night, but I think it is stopping me from being more creative. I am an aspiring musician and I feel like when I don't take my meds for a couple days I can write a

You’ve been through a lot :( Recently, I got put on lamictal too, and it’s keeping me stabilized. I’m also big into art, and I do photography and draw/sketch. It hasn’t affected my creativity at all, and my other pills did that though. Maybe you should just let it kick in? Or maybe your mind just wasn’t in the mood to write? 

This blog is beautiful. Honestly, reading and going through everything made me feel so happy. I've never spoken to anyone else who is bipolar like me and this made me feel not alone, like maybe I'm not so crazy and it's not all my fault and even though it hurts so bad sometimes, at least I'm not the only one. I can't describe if I'm happy or sad right now, but the feeling I got from reading this blog was an important one and I thank youxxxxxx


@14 with no diagnosis: I'm 21 and my mom STILL thinks it's just hormones even though I've had a diagnosis since I was your age. Not saying to totally disregard anything she says, but if she doesn't "get it" don't ignore everything that's going on with you! Seek help externally and try to be honest in therapy... Your mom might understand eventually, but what's most important is that you get to a place where you can cope with what's going on with your mind/body.

My mom still thinks that it’s hormones also and that I use the depression part as an excuse. In denial.